How Do I Change My Currency Settings In My Stripe Account

Your Stripe account may automatically be set in USD, if you need to change your currency settings to make transfers to your bank account, here is what you need to do! You will need to complete the following Steps in your Stripe account:

1) From the account settings, add your [preferred default currency] bank account:

2) Click on "Change default currency," and change your default currency to [preferred currency].

This will let Stripe know that you prefer to receive transfers in [new default], and they should automatically convert any payments you receive.

3) Let Stripe know you've done this, and they will convert your [non-preferred currency] balance to [new default]. Please do make sure you've taken the first 2 steps before though, or this will keep happening.

Once they convert the balance to [new default], they'll be able to transfer it to your [new default] bank account.

4) If you had any other outstanding transfers in [non-preferred currency], you'll need to get in touch with Stripe once more when it bounces back to your balance. That will still be in [non-preferred currency] and Stripe will need to convert it as well.


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