How do I download my store data

You can easily download information from your store if you need to use it in external programs, such as accounting software. There are 2 different sets of data you can access:

Order Information

Go to your Admin Panel and your 'Orders' tab and click 'Export these orders' just above the top order in the list and select the date range you want to export.

This will give you, for each of your orders placed within the date range specified:
Order #, Date, Product Name, Product Quantity, Variant Name, Variant SKU, Product Price, Product Discount, Subtotal, Shipping, Tax, Total, Storenvy Fee, Shipping Class, Shipping Status, Payment Status, Payment Processed At, Shipped At, Discount Name, Discount Description, Discount Amount, Email, Phone Number, First Name, Last Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, Locale, Locale Abbreviation, Postal Code, Country, Country ISO, Customer Notes

Product Information

Go to your 'Products' tab and click 'Export Products (CSV)' at the top of your product list.

This will give you, in a file called 'export.csv', for each of your products and variants:
Product Name, Product Description, Product Price, Variant Name,Variant SKU, Variant In Stock, Variant Full Stock, Image, Shipping Notes, Tags, Active Status, Shipping Group, Show In Marketplace, Retired On

Once you have downloaded the data, you probably want to open it in a spreadsheet program, such as MS Excel, which will understand the format and list the data in a nice table for you to make it easy to get to the information you want.

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