How does Storenvy use store ratings?

Our goal for ratings is to improve the overall shopping experience for customers. Online shoppers often rely on reviews to make decisions. Naturally, businesses with better ratings will have a higher placement in search.

Ratings are no longer private, because trust is very important between the shopper and store owner. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when all of the information is provided up front.

If a store is brought to our attention that is receiving consistently poor ratings, we may take action to improve customer experience. We would consider poor ratings a pattern if over 25% of your recent ratings from customers are “Needs Work”.

When we notice consistently low ratings in a store, we may contact the store owner, remove the store from the marketplace, or disable the store depending on the severity of the situation.

Stores that have been hidden from the Marketplace may be reconsidered for marketplace inclusion if they have demonstrated a recent and sustained improvement in customer ratings.

Customers can also leave comments on the product page. These comments are different from store ratings and are general comments about the product that is for sale.

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