How do I customize my Storefront?

Basic Changes

You can customize your store yourself, simply, using our design toolbar or design interface in your Admin Panel.

To use the toolbar, make sure you are logged in, then go to your store page by clicking 'Your store is currently open' or 'Your store is currently closed' near the top center of the page.

The toolbar will be visible across the top of your store, but no worries customers will not be able see it! This allows you to make changes and see their effects in your store at the same time. Note: The toolbar is only visible from your Storenvy store URL, it will not show up if you view your store from your custom URL.

Alternatively, you can make the same changes in your Admin Panel under the 'Storefront' tab, then clicking 'Theme'. But if you aren't sure which part of your store you are actually changing, just use the design toolbar instead.

For more specific information on how to customize the Cooper Theme, click here.

Install a custom template

If you want more customization, there are quite a few stores selling custom themes that you can install and use in your shop.

Edit the HTML and CSS

If you know HTML and CSS or want to hire someone to customize your store even further, you might find this guide helpful.

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