How to send discount codes using Engage


Before you can use Engage to send discount codes you need to first sign up for a monthly subscription plan that includes Super Discounts.

Now that you have subscribed to a plan with Super Discounts, you’re ready to send your customers discount codes!

First you’ll need to create a promo code that you want to send your customers.

Visit the Discount Codes tab and click the big blue “Add promotion” button. From there you’ll be able to create many different types of promos like % Off, Buy N Get M, Free Shipping, Dollars Off, etc. Only promotions that require a discount code will be able to be sent via Engage.

After you’ve saved your promotion go to the Email tab.

In the “Message Status” section you’ll see a Discount Code column. When you push the Send Now link a preview of your message will pop up.


At the top of the preview there will be a drop down menu to select the discount code you’ll want to include in the Engage email. Select the name of the discount code you want to send.

Then hit the Send E-mail button. A success message will appear tell you your email is being sent.

When you return to the Engage page you’ll see the message status for that discount code email will be updated to “Sent”.

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