What is the handling fee?

For shoppers:

What is the handling fee? When a shopper places an order from either the Storenvy marketplace or one of our custom Storenvy stores there will be a small fee added to the order total. Storenvy powers thousands of small businesses by offering them a free online store. This fee is paid to Storenvy in order to maintain the platform and make sure we have reliable support to assist both shoppers and stores when necessary. Most of the communication regarding orders should be between the shopper and the store, but if at anytime a shopper needs assistance getting in contact with the store this handling fee ensures Storenvy will be there to assist you.
For stores:

Storenvy handling fee. When a shopper checks out from either the Storenvy marketplace or a custom Storenvy store, Storenvy will add a small fee to the total order. This handling fee is paid for by shoppers. Storenvy adds the nominal handling fee on top of your order total then it is deducted from the order payment transfer.

Storenvy will adjust the amount we collect for the handling fee so that there is no added cost of transaction fee from the payment processor. This way the Storenvy handling fee is 100% cost free to the merchant. If the shopper purchases from multiple stores in one order then the fee will be split evenly between the stores. For this reason you might see an unusual (lower) amount deducted for some orders.


If you've accepted a payment via PayPal, the handling fee will be added to the order at check out and transferred into your account. Storenvy will then collect this handling fee by automatically creating a separate bill to your PayPal account for the handling fee total.

If you accepted a payment via Stripe (credit card) the handling fee will added at check out to the order total and it will be automatically deducted from the transfer.

Please note that all Storenvy fee refunds will be handled manually. In the future we will implement a structure for these fees to be refunded automatically in relevant cases. Please contact Storenvy support if you have refunded an order and need the Storenvy fee refunded.

How much is the fee?

The Storenvy handling fee (customer paid) is on a sliding scale based on the total order value of the customer's purchase. Basing the fee on the order value ensures the fee is always a fair amount compared to what the customer is paying for your goods. While the specific fee amount is subject to change, the current fee structure is:

Orders $10.00 and below = $0.99
Orders $10.01 to $30.00 = $1.99
Orders $30.01 to $50.00 = $2.99
Orders $50.01 to $100.00 = $3.99
Orders above $100.00 = $4.99


Can I turn off the handling fee?

While it is not possible to turn this fee off for marketplace orders, you do have an option for custom storefront orders. You can choose to pay a 6% commission fee on custom storefront orders instead of your customers paying the handling fee. To do this first log in to your Storenvy admin account and then go to your Dashboard. Then under the Storenvy Storefront Fees section click on the sliding bar to change it from Fees to 6%. Note that this will only apply to orders that are placed after you make the change.

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