What fees does Storenvy charge merchants?

With Storenvy, small business owners are able to launch a custom store or start selling in our marketplace for free.
However, we are a growing small business just like yours, so in order to continue to provide an exceptional Storenvy experience for both you and our shared customers, we created some very fair and simple pricing. We don't charge listing fees, or monthly fees to start selling. We believe in only charging where we've been able to add extra value to your business.


Storenvy Extras are simple but powerful features that you can choose to add-on to your custom storefront to make it even more kick ass! While setting up a storefront on Storenvy is completely free, Extras are paid features each of which are individually priced. Extras are provided by Storenvy and are different from 3rd Party Extras.

Current Available Extras
  • Custom Domain Name $5 per Month
  • Super Discount $5 per Month
  • Automated Discounts $15 per Month
  • AutoMAGIC Cart Abandonment Emails $15 per Month
  • Or get all available Extras in a Bundle for $30 per Month

Marketplace Commissions

Storenvy's revenue share model is based on aligning our interests with yours. It's simple: sales that the Storenvy marketplace drive you are charged a 10% commission of the total sale (including shipping), and the remaining 90% goes directly to you (minus payment processing fees)

Our primary goal is to help drive you sales through the marketplace so that you can focus on other things like sourcing, creating, and making great products.

Marketplace Assisted Sales

We believe in rewarding hard-work, so whenever you drive sales through your custom store they'll never be charged a commission. However, sometimes a customer discovers your business through the Storenvy Marketplace and then finds her way over to your Custom Storefront to place her order. This is called a “Marketplace-assisted Sale” and our 10% Marketplace Commission Fee still apply since the Storenvy Marketplace was responsible for introducing you to the customer.

Marketplace Sale Events and Promotions

Storenvy Sales are the perfect way to increase visibility of your products in the marketplace, and incentivize new and repeat customers by offering automatic discounts on your products. Think flash sales! Storenvy Sales Events are promoted on our most highest traffic pages!

Each sale will have different pricing for participation. Sometimes there will be a flat fee to join the sale, other times you'll be charged by how many products you add to the sale event, we'll be sure to let you know. You may find and join currently available sales here.

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