What is a Marketplace Assisted Sale

Storenvy strives to offer very fair pricing to our merchants which is why we created Marketplace Commission Fees instead of listing or monthly fees. It's free to open a store and list products, and Storenvy takes a 15% fee on sales you make through the Marketplace. Sometimes a customer discovers your business through the Storenvy Marketplace and then finds her way over to your Custom Storefront to place her order. This is called a “Marketplace-assisted Sale” and our Marketplace Fees still apply since the Storenvy Marketplace was responsible for introducing you to the customer.

You can identify a Marketplace-assisted Sale by hovering over the question mark (“?”) next to the “Storenvy Fees” label on an Order page in your Admin Panel.

Here are some of the customer interactions we use to identify that someone first connected with your business through the Storenvy Marketplace such as:

  • A customer's first purchase from you was through the Marketplace (or the customer started to make their first purchase from you through the Marketplace but did not complete the order).
  • The customer contacted you through the Marketplace.
  • The customer found you through a Storenvy marketing effort (such as email) promoting one or more of your Maketplace items.
  • The customer made the purchase after you used Engage to encourage them to place an order.

Receiving a Marketplace-assisted Sale means that the Storenvy Marketplace is working! We've connected you with a new customer who will hopefully buy from you time and time again.

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