Why did I get a payment through Stripe if I didn't sign up for it?

Why did I get a payment through Stripe if I didn't sign up for it?

For a short period of time, the Storenvy Marketplace transitioned to only accept payments through Stripe. Fortunately this has now changed, you can use Stripe, Paypal, or both payment methods in your Marketplace store.

During this period of time where Stripe was the only payment method available to be used in the Marketplace, all stores with their Marketplace store set to "Open", who did not connected their store Stripe, had a placeholder Stripe account created on their behalf.

This was announced through various email campaigns for weeks leading up to the transition in all store admin panels. This was done in order to allow stores who had not yet signed up to be prevented from missing out on Marketplace sales. This also provides your custom storefront customers with the option to checkout through Stripe.

If you have had a placeholder account created and have had a sale to it, your funds will be conveniently waiting for you to access on Stripe just by activating your account!

Note, after 7 days have passed from your first sale date without activation, your account will no longer be able to accept payments until you do. After 21 days without activation, the order will become cancelled and the customer will be refunded for their order.

You can contact Stripe for any questions or issues you may have with accessing this account by emailing

If you do not wish to activate your Stripe placeholder account:

If you are not interested in activating this placeholder account, then we can offer to close this placeholder account and reverse any payments made through it. Please note, we can not remove the Stripe placeholder account without refunding any transactions made to this account.

If you would like to do this, please fill out the contact form officially stating that you need your Stripe paying customers refunded and Stripe access revoked.

Again, please note, this action will refund all payments made through Stripe to your customers. It is not possible to route these funds to your PayPal account.

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