What is the Storenvy Marketplace commission fee?

Storenvy's revenue share model is based on aligning our interests with yours. It's simple: sales made through the Storenvy marketplace are charged a 15% commission of the total sale (including shipping), and the remaining 85% goes directly to you. There are no additional monthly fees, or fees to list products; just 15% simple and straightforward. With this revenue model, Storenvy doesn't get paid unless you get paid.

Our primary goal is to help drive you sales through the marketplace so that you can focus on other things like sourcing, creating, and making great products.

We're beginning this revenue-share model now so we can increase our resources to focus on growing the marketplace, acquiring you new customers and driving you more sales. This also helps us continue to build new features to make the Storenvy experience better for both you and your customers.

If you can't build an 15% margin into your pricing, no worries. You can choose which of your products are listed in the Marketplace, or you can set a higher price for an item when it sells in the Marketplace than your custom store.

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