How do I customize the Cooper Theme?

To see what your store will look like if you use the Cooper Theme, click here.

Changing Colors, Fonts and Layout Options

The simplest way to change the colors in your store is to use the design bar (if you need help turning it on or off, check out this article) because you can see the changes as you make them so you can easily work out which color box refers to which part of your store. When your design bar is on, to use it all you need to do is to go to your storefront while you are logged in.

If you switch between "Colors" and "Layout" on the side of the design bar, you will have access to change colors, fonts and add or remove certain layout options. For example, you can choose whether or not to display your store logo or store header.

You can also edit all those settings from your Admin Panel.
If you go the the "Storefront" tab and the "Theme" section, then scroll down to the 'Styles' section and you will have access to change the settings there as well.

If you need more information on all the different settings for your background image, this article explains them all.

Changing what is displayed on your home page

With the Cooper theme you have the option to change what is displayed on the home page of your store. You can show a list of products, as in the old default theme, or you can display a list of collections and setup an image and description specific to each collection. For more information on this, checkout this article.

Image Sizes for Cooper

  • Your header image should be at least 980 pixels wide, if you want it to span the width of your store. If you make it bigger, it will be scaled down. If you make it smaller it won't reach from edge to edge.
  • The images you upload for your collections should be 315 x 210 pixels or the same aspect ratio. If your image does not have these proportions, your store will automatically crop out a section the correct shape from the image you upload.

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