How do I use Liquid Code?

So you have decided to take the reigns and completely redesign your store from the ground up! We highly recommend having a strong understanding of HTML / CSS and Liquid before you start customizing your storefront.

Remember Storenvy does not provide support for customization. That being said you can always reset the CSS or Layout by clicking the reset link the design tab or feel free to drop a question in our Facebook Group.

Also feel free to show off your newly customized store front by sending us a Tweet or dropping us a line on our Facebook wall -- we love to see them! 

Liquid is the templating language that allows users to customize the way their store looks. Liquid is both relatively easy to use and is also very secure making it the perfect solution for editing and designing Storenvy templates.

At the core Liquid is made up of two types or markups ; Output & Tag.

To output a variable surround it with two curly brackets as shown: The variable that is referenced will be replaced by the HTML it references.

Example: My store is called {{ }} will pull reference and input your store's name.


Tags are the logic portion of your HTML and are surrounded by {%____%} Tags are used in conjunction with If / Else/ Unless statements, Loops, Case Statements, Cycle and Variable Assignment.

You can find a complete list of all the liquid objects here.

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