Store Owner Etiquette

Storenvy is a community and we love to see our store owners pulling together to help each other out with tips and tricks. If you'd like to participate further, we have an official facebook group for store owners.

Obviously, there are also activities that can tear apart a community rather than build it. In addition to our Store Owners Agreement, there are a few things we don't want to see on Storenvy.

Self promotion

Don't get us wrong, we want you to promote your store. We want you to do well and a huge part of that is sharing your store wherever you can. However, customers may become tired of seeing constant links to your store, whatever channel you are posting on. Even your most loyal fans will lose interest if all you post is links to your store, products or promotions. Try to engage with other people and build relationships rather than just broadcasting your store. Also, gauge the venue you are on for example, in a store owner group, people are not looking to shop, as much as they are to learn from each other. 

Hijacking other stores' traffic

Occasionally we see store owners leaving links to their own stores on the product pages for popular products or stores, or on the pages for similar items listing their own products for cheaper. That's just rude- we can't allow this on Storenvy. Anything you leave on another store's page should be positive and encouraging and should not link to your own store at all.

Rude or aggressive behavior

This should go without saying but it's easy to forget standard courtesies in the anonymous online environment. No matter what you think of another store, store owner or customer please make sure all your comments are positive or constructive. 

Any stores found sending aggressive or profane emails to customers, other store owners or Storenvy will be subject to review and the possibility of having their store permanently disabled. As a store owner it is your duty to take the highroad in all situations. 

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