How do I install a theme?

These instructions apply to people uploading custom templates and also to anyone who has downloaded a backup of their old theme and wants to re-upload them to go back to how their store was before changing theme.

This may vary slightly depending on the way the theme was made, so if this article doesn't seem to apply to you, contact the store directly to ask for specific instructions.
  1. Download the files you were given.
  2. If necessary, unzip them.
  3. Open the files in a text-only program such as *TextEdit (for Mac) or Notepad (for Windows). (This is really important, DO NOT open the files in your web browser or a program like MS Word. You may need to force your computer to open the files in the program you want, rather than letting it open in the default one. If you use TextEdit, see further instructions below.)
  4. Go to the 'Storefront' tab in your Admin Panel and click 'HTML Pages'
  5. Copy the contents of the files you were sent and overwrite the default code in the corresponding files in your Storenvy dashboard. For example, the contents of the 'Layout.html' file will need to go in the page name 'Layout'.
  6. Don't forget to also overwrite the contents of the CSS Stylesheet by going to 'CSS Mode' under the 'Theme' tab.
If you upgraded to the Cooper theme but your theme files were created or downloaded before July 29th 2013 add this line of code:

<script src="/assets/theme_default.js"></script>

just before the </head> tag on the Layout HTML page

*If you are using TextEdit (Mac only) you must set it up correctly first:
  1. Open TextEdit
  2. Click 'TextEdit' in the top left of your screen and select 'Preferences'
  3. Click the 'Open and Save' tab
  4. Make sure the top box is checked -  'Display HTML files as HTML code instead of formatted text'

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