How do I list a product?

Maybe this is your first time using a storefront interface, that's great! Here at Storenvy we try to make it as easy as possible for users to sign up and start selling! It shouldn't be a brain-buster to get your items listed and live on the store.

Add a New Product

To list a product start by going to your admin panel and click on Products in the menu across the top of the page. Then click the Add New Product button near the top right of the page. Give your product a name, price, and select a category before clicking Submit. On the next page fill in your product description and any of the other fields that you want to use. Be sure to upload some images of your product in the Product Images section. At the bottom you can set your quantity in stock and set up variants (such as color or size) if necessary. Please take a look at our help article about setting up variations if you need them for some of your products. Near the top left set your product’s visibility, select the shipping you want to use for the product, and select any collection you want to include it in. When you are done click the blue Save Changes button.

Delete an Old or Discontinued Product

To delete an unwanted product click the Products tab in your Admin Panel. Then select the product you wish to delete and click the Delete link just below your Admin tab and just above the product name.

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