Is Storenvy Free?

Storenvy Custom Stores

The fees you will see in your Custom Store, are credit card processing fees. As a store owner you have the option of offering your customers both Stripe and PayPal for checkout. Whenever a payment is processed through either service they will subtract a 2.9% + $.30 fee. Please remember that this fee is completely between you and either PayPal or Stripe. Storenvy never handles any of your money.

You may also encounter a 10% commission fee on a custom storefront order with what is called a "Marketplace Assisted Sale". This fee is applied when the customer who purchased from your custom storefront found you through the Marketplace. You can read more about that here:

Storenvy Marketplace

If you choose to list your store and products in the Marketplace any sales driven by the Marketplace will be charged a 10% commission. This means if someone is browsing the Marketplace, finds and then purchases your product a commission will be applied. This commission is automatically deducted from the transaction, you will not receive an invoice for these charges.

If you choose to use the Engage service (under the “Email” tab of your admin page) then a 10% commission fee will be charged for orders that result. Engage is optional, but a great way to increase your sales. You may find out more about Engage here.

For more information on the 10% commission please read here.

The Marketplace does not charge a sign-up fee, listing fee or monthly fee so enjoy!

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