I need to cancel my order, how do I do that?

The only way to cancel an order is to contact the store directly and let them know. As long as your order hasn't been shipped yet, the seller should be happy to cancel an order for you. 

If your order has been shipped, it's still worth contacting the store to find out if there is anything they can do for you. Some stores will tell you to refuse the delivery so the order is automatically sent back to them. Please make sure you check with the store first, though, as this varies from store to store.

If you can't get a response from the store, feel free to contact us and we can try to get hold of the store for you. Just bear in mind, we can't actually cancel your order for you, all we can do is try to get in touch with the store.

In extreme circumstances, you can cancel your order by filing a dispute with PayPal or if you paid directly with your credit card on Storenvy, through your bank/credit card issuer. Once a dispute has been filed, the order will automatically be marked as 'canceled' so the store won't ship your order. Please only do this if you can't get hold of the store, as filing a dispute does count against the store's record, can lead to the store being charged a dispute fee, and possibly have their account blocked or restricted.

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