Is my payment secure?

Storenvy stores use either Stripe, Paypal, or both as payment processors. These two reputable companies are very secure and have standards in place to protect your purchases.

Stripe is one of the most accepted payment solutions on the web (click here for a list of marketplaces using Stripe). For more information Stripe's security features, click here.

PayPal is used by millions and known for its strength in security. For more information on PayPal's payment protections, read PayPal's Protection for your Purchases.

If you have trouble with an order and paid through Paypal, you have 180 days from the time of purchase to file a dispute with Paypal for a refund. Here is how to file a dispute with Paypal:

If you checked out using a debit or credit card without being redirected to Paypal's site, then your order was processed by Stripe. Stripe's dispute process is different and has to follow your bank or credit card issuer's policies. If you checked out with Stripe and need to file a dispute, you will need to contact your bank or credit card issuer to do so.

Storenvy does not handle transactions and may not have the power to issue the customer a refund. A storeowner's payment account is private and it is their responsibility, or the payment processor's responsibility (Stripe or Paypal) to issue refunds.

Storenvy will never see your financial information, your information will only be processed by either of these payment platforms which place a very strong emphasis on security and keeping your information private.

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