Why hasn’t my order arrived yet?

If your order has been shipped but hasn't yet reached you, this is the article for you. If your order hasn't shipped yet, this article might help you work out what the issue is.

There are a few reasons why an order that has been shipped might not have reached you. Most stores will send a confirmation email to you when they ship an item, and usually they will include the tracking number, if there is one. If you have a tracking number, please start by looking that up to see what information it will give you.

The most common reason for long shipping times is that the store is shipping from a different country. Double check the store's FAQ page to see where the store is based. Bear in mind that some stores may be based in one country (e.g. the US) and ship from another (e.g. China). Not all stores will list that in their FAQs.

Items shipped between countries may take longer to arrive simply because of the extra distance they are travelling. They may also be delayed at customs so it could be worth contacting your local customs office to see if they know anything about the package.

Orders do occasionally get lost in the mail as well. It's often worth contacting your local Post Office to see if they have any information. Particularly if you have a tracking number that indicates the package was already delivered.

If you have any concerns about your order, you can always contact the store to see if they can provide an update.

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