How do I know this store isn't a scam?

We carefully monitor store activity and customer complaints to make sure we don't have any stores who are selling counterfeit products or not shipping items.

Additionally, a store needs an active PayPal or Stripe account to be able to successfully take payments on Storenvy, and PayPal carries out their own rigorous checks and monitoring process.

Unfortunately some stores do slip through the net occasionally but you don't need to worry. You are protected by PayPal's 180 day buyer protection service for every purchase you make on Storenvy, so if you have any problems they will be able to help you recover your money. Click here if you need to file a dispute.

If you made your purchase directly on Storenvy with your credit, then you can dispute the charge directly with your bank or credit card issuing body during a timeframe determined by them. 

If you would like reassurance before purchasing, we can recommend contacting a store before you make a purchase; a simple email can tell you how responsive the store is and tell you a lot about the way the store conducts their business.

If you have any concerns about a store, please let us know so we can investigate, and shut them down if necessary.

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