What is Storenvy?

Storenvy is a social marketplace for indie shoppers and sellers.

For Store Owners

On one side, Storenvy is a series of online stores run by independent store owners. Stores are fully customizable, with a feature-rich store admin panel, and completely FREE. You can read more about Selling on Storenvy here.

Storenvy storefronts are perfect for clothing companies, bands, crafters & artists, nonprofits and anyone else who has something to sell. Our platform allows the everyday person to sell their goods online without any programming knowledge.

For Shoppers

On the other side, Storenvy is social shopping experience connecting creative businesses to shoppers. You can Watch stores to be kept up to date when they list new products and Envy items so you can find them again easily. You can also follow your friends and see all the cool stuff they discovered and Envied. You can read more about Browsing and Socializing on Storenvy here.

Storenvy hosts the online storefront, and provides the tools for the store owners to get online, that's it. When you buy items from multiple stores, they will each ship from a different location. You might be purchasing a waffle maker from Belgium and a necktie from Arkansas, and both store owners will have their own shipping costs to cover, and the orders may arrive at different times. Payment goes directly from buyer to store owner through PayPal or directly from your credit card. (Read about PayPal's Protection for your Purchases). If you pay directly with your card, you can file a dispute with your bank or credit authority should things go wrong.

Storenvy was created by a small group of incredibly hard working, stunningly good looking people. Why not follow us on Twitter?

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